Ghoniem DMGQ Leadership Coaching Theme getting rid of anxiety


Get rid of anything that bothers you.

In particular anxiety in the workplace

Who doesn't know this disadvantageous phenomenon of anxiety and fear in the workplace? No matter in what position you are, as a clerk, department manager, general manager, managing director and even as a business owner, you may be suffering from anxiety. The fear puts you and other people on the chain.

Fear obstructs free communication and disrupts the development at workplace, since many of the employees feel that their opinion can't be said frankly and openly, without having to reckon with potentially unpleasant consequences.

You can see the fear by some clear symptoms in the organization, when it is filled with anxiety, such as employees fell silent or they are occupied by the presumption of unknown intentions of other managers or their resistance against renewal of business processes and their refusal of better working methods.

Fear is not only symptomatic for employees. Likewise business owners are equally afraid of these situations, such as how to procure the necessary capital, where to find the necessary markets, how to develop new competitive products and also how to pay the wages and salaries of their employees on time and in full.

Even your direct boss and his boss have also anxiety to miss the corporate targets and earnings.

Professional coaching to deal with anxiety and fear helps people in the organization to ensure  the right culture. My Coaching can give you the key to your liberation from fear.


"The great mistakes you can
make in life is to be always afraid

to make a mistake."
Dietrich Bonhoeffer