Ghoniem DMGQ Leadership Coaching Theme economic centers in the world

"The future
can no longer be understood
 as a continuation of
the present. It calls
 for a new beginning




Qualify yourself for
the international competition
 of the economic centers



As an EU citizen you are living in a huge and mobile area of several millions of people engaged and competing with production facilities and service offers. In addition to this internal European competition you have also to contest against the established industrial nations such as the USA or Japan. Add to this the ever-growing and emerging other regions of the world, the so-called BRICS-countries.  

It is quite possible that your new share owner - a foreign investor - could originate from one of the above listed countries.


Have you prepared yourself for this scenario and have you also acquired the necessary skills to coup with this new challenge (e.g. technical knowledge, soft skills, linguistic
ability as well a new mindset)?
If yes, then you are the winner in these globalized operations!

In the globalized world you have to deal with each of your foreign superiors, who have a different cultural background, use a different language and even have their office in another country far away from you.


You can only be a winner and stay a winner if you have been preparing yourself in good time.

Let yourself be coached by me to get the necessary preparation. In these international business trends and developments I'am for decades at home.

You can quickly and effectively get the right advice from me.