"It remains everyone always
so much strength left, to
accomplish that, what he
is convinced of."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Women in a male-dominated

world of management



The policy in Germany and in the European Union (EU) is at odds over the "right" women's quota in top and middle management positions.

The dispute is indeed done with great vehemence, but the female managers are not helped with the present and contentious concepts. To enable female managers get to the top, they must first climb many steps of the career ladder with hard work, patience, determination as well as professional qualifications and soft skills.

The career of a female manager corresponds to that of a male manager. So the question is: "Why does it fall short of the rise for the female managers"?

The difference is that in many management jobs the perception of the organizations is not yet sufficiently developed to promote easily and with natural obviousness a qualified female manager to the head of a department, let alone at the head of a business unit or a company. The still male dominated hierarchy structures of business make things more difficult for women.


Although a broad social consensus on that issue is prevailing, no standard and well accepted solution has been found.

Through my professional experience, I am very familiar with the cores of the hard struggle of women to achieve a professional career and in particular with the compatibility between work and family.

In my consulting work, I have successfully coached many female managers with leadership responsibilities.
This coaching has given them the exactly needed knowledge necessary to raise their self-confidence to continue with equal rights their way up in the organization.

If you are a female manager and you need a fair sparring partner for success in a male dominated professional world, then I will be glad to be your confidential Coach.


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