"The solution is always

easy, you have to search."
Alexander Solzhenitsyn

I will help you to

professionally sharpen

your mind


To work with a professional coach, takes you to other thoughts and gives you new and fresh ideas.

This allows you to win a clear view and to see what you always have searched for the proverbial needle in your haystack.


This needle can be
crucial for you.

The everyday management life has become more complex. For every manager can honestly confess that he is always under constant and unremitting challenges.



These challenges lead to a stressful tension that obscures the clear view of the manager dangerously.

My coaching helps manager to realistic solutions for the myriad of challenges in a holistic way of thinking and supports you with a professional implementation plan.



Professional challenges in the everyday management life are:
Customers who are never satisfied, because they are always looking for more better solutions.
Supervisors who enact permanently highly challenging jobs to their subordinates.
Suppliers who work unpredictable in terms of quality and delivery.
Competitors who continue to fight tirelessly around to gain a larger market share.
  In addition there are the development challenges:

Own team who expects professional Leadership.


cross functional communications  with internal and external suppliers.

Performance reviews of own results by the controlling of the company.
Development of own personal competence and professional skills.
  Furthermore come the following private challenges:

Family, for which he is responsible.
Children who need his fatherly care.
Hobbies that give him compensation.
Health which is his greatest asset of his life.
Own inner balance that promotes his positive thinking