"Between arrogance and humility
there is a third attitude,
directly related to real life.
That is audacity"
Theodor Fontane

Overcome your fear and don't
be afraid of your boss.
Have courage against his arrogance.
Become his partner.



Many a manager can evolve himself to become a tyrant.
If he indeed the case, then there is a lack here either on his emotional intelligence or on your own self-confidence.

But you should not recoil from this bad situation in any case, because he has the duty to assist you professionally, to lead you in a human way with respect in compliance with the corporate strategy.  He can agree objectives with you. He can carry out with you the necessary success controls and evaluations, to get the agreed upon results.

You should learn how to deal professionally with your powerful superiors and other challenging situations.

Train yourself in my coaching about how to accomplish it, to consider your superior as an equal human and to be at eye level with him.


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