"Obstacles can not stop me. Determination brings down any obstacle."
Leonardo Da Vinci



High flyers are excessively ambitious employees in the organization. They are
a blessing and a curse at the same time
for the company.

High flyers could lead to a negative
outcome for themselves through their
"turbo flight" within the organization.

Especially if the company's culture offers
no suitable career program for high flyers.

In many companies the responsibility for employee development lies in the hands
of the immediate supervisor.


This supervisor is highly occupied by his personal and professional challenges, by
the scarce resources and by the pressure
to achieve his financial budget, so that he
often can not provide his high flyers with
the proper perspective.

High flyer can also bring in a lot of unrest
in the organization by perpetually expressing their impatience with the lack of immediate development opportunities for their career. 

High flyer drag the envy of their colleges, particularly those who have settled themselves on the level of mediocre performance. 




Here I can play a crucial role to help in resolving these conflicting challenges, because I consider myself as a High flyer.

From my own extensive experience I can understand the mindset of the high flyers and simultaneously assess the constraints in the company.

My coaching helps both parties equally, the high flyer and the company, to achieve a win-win-outcome.

I act as the professional and objective traffic controller for both sides.