"Business leaders know exactly that they are committed to structure their companies in flat
and capability-oriented organizational models. But they still don't know how they can
deal best with their long-established and middle-aged managers."

Yasuhiro Fukuschima



As I can look back on more than 50 years career as an international manager and senior consultant, I am surely the ideal coaching partner for this group of seniors in the various professional positions.

Demographic change keeps the older people longer in the work processes. On one side it is good to use their experience. However, most seniors make with their "stubbornness" as a brakeman and development inhibitors unpopular. That is a bitter fact.

Their behavior is accompanied by such typical statements, like: "We've already tried everything ten years ago, but in vain." or at the end of a discussion to close with this sentence: " We've always done it so and it can be changed in other ways."

These phrases are piling up in meetings, at conferences and in negotiations.

Many seniors are standing themselves in their own way to develop and even preventing the healthy process of change of their companies. Many of the older employees in the middle management levels are overwhelmed and exposed to large development processes. 
Each new task means to them more work, every new idea is a challenging load.

Burnout is making the round.


The fact is that the increasingly reformed welfare system could have adverse effects for this group. If they were to become unemployed and don't get a suitable work for obtaining their standard of living, they may end up in the center of the ever-rotating downward spiral of job search combine with minimum income. They will erode their assets and lose their social status completely.

The delusion of hiring more young people in the management floors according to the motto: "Young can perform more and earn less", contributes dramatically to the intimidation and demotivation ot the generation 50+.

But this generation 50+ can compete successfully if they can keep up with the youth and power mania. It's about their credible willingness to coop with topics as: continuous training, build up more competence, increase efficiency, widen experience knowledge and last but not least acceptance of change and competitiveness.

Again, what counts is the qualification and the results and not the age. The age as a sacred cow should be slaughtered by older people.

Enjoy my professional coaching for the 50+ generation in order to experience joy and advancement in your career. Be free according to the motto: "I live for tomorrow, not in the past."