"Fueled only by own courage
a person can put his/ her life in order."
Marquis Vauvenargues



There is always a path
out of despair and discouragement



There are moments when people feel faint and powerless in their decision making process.

It's only human. This is sometimes normal and can occur in every human being from time to time. But when this occurrence repeatedly and oft happen, then you have to find the causes and systematically eliminate them.

First of all one has to examine the professional reasons, which have led to this not portable state.

These reasons could have either a technical or human origin. From my own experience I know that your own management style may be one of the main causes of this misery.

Examples: unclear self-organization, lack of  leadership, unprofessional delegation, inexperience in conflict management, chaotic time management, lack of expertise or the victimization of yourself under the term I embossed-up as the " acceleration trap". 
My coaching will bring you out of this bad situation.