"Dealing with books
brings people out of their minds."
Erasmus of Rotterdam

Career upwards!
My coaching – your sure way



In this coaching your personal strengths and weaknesses will be analyzed in detail and in an objective manner. We also discuss your opportunities and threats within and outside of your current company.

From this analysis, the priorities of your development options will be professionally set. An action plan with completion dates will be established to have the whole of this development process under control.

Continuous follow-up of the results will help you stay on track and to make the proper corrections in time.

Every person should grow with their tasks and take on more and more responsibility, step by step. This process is described as a career.

The desire for career is a human instinct to the goal of greater responsibility, social recognition and to achieve long-term economic security.

Who can resist this temptation?

The foundation stone of a career begins with the mastery of technical knowledge and managerial soft skills. How to reach this base?
The entire valuable time to invest in some literature?

But who has the time or the leisure beside his stressful and demanding daily work, to roll thick books? Surely only a very few
can afford this luxury.

Therefore, a practical coaching of an experienced senior manager
will do you much good.

You have in me a sparring partner who review with you your current situation in your career and work out the possible options for the future. If you wish my coaching can accompany you to reach your goals.  


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