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Frequently asked questions:

 1. What is the difference between DMGQ-coaching and the competitors?
 2. What does DMGQ project management on the spot mean ?
 3. Can a single person book a DMGQ workshop?
 4. Can the DMGQ-Workshops also take place internally in the client company?
 5. For which does the DMGQ-compass stand?
 6. Can a management issue be executed at a one day workshop?
 7. For whom are the DMGQ managerial services are designed?
 8. What are the costs for participation in DMGQ Workshops/ Management Training or DMGQ Project Management on site?





What is the difference between DMGQ-coaching and the competitors?

On the consulting market there is a huge flood of counseling services. However, DMGQ differs in that we claim to think holistically and act within interconnected processes in the organization we are working for with the focus on implementation of what has been agreed upon. We don't live an an ivory tower with our suggestions, but we go for the existing challenges ahead and find consciously practical and workable solutions. 

This is done on the basis of a broad wealth of experience in international management in many sectors of industry and services, coupled with the necessary long-life experiences.

We don't provide a ready-made recipe or pre-cooked concept for all situations and for all people.

Our coaching is individually tailored, realistic, easy to understand, mind-penetrating and very result-oriented.

DMGQ-coaching is designed as an aid for self-help our customers. Our customers come strengthened out of our coaching.

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What does DMGQ project management on the spot mean?

DMGQ acts here as senior project manager on-site at your organization. In coordination with our client (executive management, divisional managers and/ or HR department), the project (target, participants, beginning, end, action plan, milestones, budget, results and documentation) is uniquely defined and agreed upon.
DMGQ bears the responsibility for the success of the project within this project framework and reports to the clients. 

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Can a single person book a DMGQ workshop?

Yes, everyone can. Such a single (a face to face) workshop is even highly recommended, if the person would like to treat the issues of the workshop in a holistic way covering their personal structure , their specific living and working environment to get a complete picture before taking any decision.
DMGQ carries out the workshop and ensures the necessary confidentiality of the topics to be discussed and the solutions coming out from the workshop, EVEN if this workshop is paid for by the employer or the company.

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Can the DMGQ workshops also take place internally in the client company?

Yes. Such workshops have the definite advantage that the participants of a company come together under one roof to deal with their specific needs and with the cross-functional communication at the interfaces of the business processes, and to find acceptable solutions.

It prevails among the participants a win-win-situation. Participants find mutual understanding of their problems. Participants gain a common belief that the elaborated solutions are useful to the departments and the company within a feasible cooperation.

This result helps to build a good working relationship within the team or the department. Many once hitherto misunderstood or gone wrong situations and behaviors will be explained and clarified.

Such in-house workshops build team spirit with new energy and positive expectations. It is important that negative emotions between the participating departments to be cleared away. Because these emotions are the biggest obstacle on the way to a common goal.

These workshops provide a forum to create a common basis of understanding, because everyone can put himself in the other's position. This helps in the search for a holistic, cross-border and practical solutions.

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For which does the DMGQ-compass stand?

The cooperation with DMGQ will give you a very valuable thinking compass. With its help you can orient yourself and find a new direction. This gives you security and stability on your career path.

By gaining your thinking compass you can work immediately and achieve the results you want. With such compass you can break new ground.

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Can a management issue be executed at a one day workshop?

Yes, because it is a question of organization and professional dealings with time management.
You will see how much you can accomplish in a day, if you would perform it systematically.

The implementation of this DMGQ workshop is an example of how you organize your own daily work and how this day can lead to concrete results for you.

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For whom are the DMGQ managerial services designed?

The DMGQ managerial services are available to all people in leading position or want to advance to such position, who discover that the professional expertise moves into the background. People who leas and those who are led, have in common dealing with the following topics among other themes: leadership, management soft skills, vision, strength, acceptance of change and communication challenges.

Mixed teams from the various levels of responsibility within the same organization are mutually enriching each other. it is precisely the leaders of today should not have a tunnel vision and lonely sitting on their high horse, but holistically open for the upcoming social and economic influences on their employees and the company. Since the new internet generation is urging the leadership positions in flat hierarchies approach, with vigor, transparency and freedom of thought, the life of the current executives is becoming more difficult.

In international surveys, only 27% of German employees certified their boss real leadership qualities. The reasons for this dissatisfaction are not primarily on the conditions such as the content of the activities or level of salary, but mainly in the quality of the work environment, as it was pointed out in the "Engagement Index 2011" by the HR consulting Gallup.

For the quality of the working environment, the managers are largely responsible with their formative and creative leadership.

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What are the costs for participation in DMGQ Workshops/ Management Training or DMGQ Project Management on site?

  • The participation fee for the one-day workshop with multiple participants is 590€ plus VAT per participant (this is only valid for Germany, for other countries please contact us).

  • The project cost will depend on the volume of the project.

  • The cost of a workshop for holistic coaching of a single person is determined by agreement.

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