Ghoniem DMGQ Workshops


Welcome to DMGQ workshops


These are the main topics of the workshops: Change, Management Training und Organizational Development. in the workshop you will be actively working with me as your coach and discuss the topics with the workshop participants to contribute and also to learn. You can also inform yourself about the service of DMGQ Project Management for certain strategic issues in your business.

No pre-prepared and recitals Lectures or presentations will be held. The discussion proceeds authentic and dynamic along the announced contents of each workshop on this website. After each workshop you will have a "thinking and visualizing compass" for broadening your mind for your next orientation in your particular role within the company, as an employee, manager or director. This compass is the new tool for your self-management and the management of your working environment.

The deliberately mixed structure of the participants from different levels in the organizations is healthy and allows each participant an insight into the concerns of the other party, regardless of one's position in the organization. Frequently problems are constructively solved more easily when people with different levels of responsibility can discuss freely their different views and experiences and get to know new aspects, they didn't have before.

The workshop is structured as a forum for the mutual enrichment of knowledge and experience.

The best result can be achieved, if such workshops are held in-house at the customer site with a group of people in different positions and responsibilities out of the same company. The workshop strengthens the mutual understanding and respect between the participants. It will remind them always about the commonly achieved results and how they have committed themselves to implement them in a manner of professional cooperation.   

Participants will be given a specific documentation on the discussed contents of each workshop by e-mail a week after the workshop.