"Each company hat two organizational structures. 
The official one is hold
down in the organizational charts. The other structure consists of everyday relation between employees."

Harold Geneen


Introduction to the issues of this project::

A company's success depends heavily on its ability to efficiently operate the project management principles.

Professional project management makes for a clear and transparent project flow, low cost and maximum benefit of resources. 

In addition project management involves all stakeholders and gives them the opportunity for professional engagement.

The ability to quickly respond to the challenges is the foundation for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Therefore a professional, fast, flexible and goal-oriented project management for any business is a MUST.

Project management has become an established core competency for manager and executive managers. Despite the importance of project management as a management tool of utmost importance, it is considered by many as purely technical discipline and sometimes understood as a matter of course. It is expected to be an existing expertise of the employees in the lower ranks of the organization.

But at some point and unfortunately much too late come the rude awakening that the project goes wrong or it does not run, as pre-planned.

The acceleration and the globalization of economic processes and the growing complexity of business as well as the complex interactions between suppliers and customers discomfort the employees everywhere.

Many projects run both unsystematic and false. It lacks a rational planning and professional execution. New projects are initiated and launched before the old and current projects have come to a conclusion.


The company incurred financial losses. Frustration spreads over the affected project employees. At the end comes the loss of credibility and authority of corporate governance.

Every company generates a wealth of projects, which are crucial for its existence. As for example: acquisition of new and challenging customer orders, or strategic projects out of own initiative for strategic  product and technology development to ensure the market shares.  a third example are the internal projects initiated via the optimization proposals of the employees to improve existing business processes.

Then there is frequently considerable and costly difficulties in planning and execution of such projects so that they never come to the looked-for successful end.


DMGQ Project Management on your site:

DMGQ supports the responsible project manager with the project management tasks in all phases of the project.

So you have two advantages. the sure success of your projects and the training of your employees in project management (Learning by doing and empowerment).

DMGQ Project Engagement:

DMGQ performs this task in the form of a clearly defined project to bring the necessary logic and discipline into the project work.

A concrete goal will be defined, an action plan will be established and approved and the reporting guidelines will be agreed upon.

In addition DMGQ creates the necessary documentation to ensure a transparent, comprehensible and goal-oriented assessment process.


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