"The only irreplaceable capital of an organization consists of the knowledge and the ability of their people.
The productivity of that
capital depends on how effectively the people use and share their expertise with others, who can utilize it.

Andrew Carnegie



Introduction to the issues of this project:

The activities within an organization run in processes. The sum of these processes represents the independent life of the company.

A process "A" has a goal, an input, a process owner, a team, a content of activities, a budget and a result. The result from the process "A" is used an input for the subsequent process "B".

The chart below shows the process management and its span.

This chain of inputs and results is continued until the final result of the company has been achieved in the delivery of a product or a service, according to the required quality and agreed schedule. The overall result will depend on the results of the individual processes.

The whole process management of the company is an instrument for the practical implementation of the strategic planning.

The benefits of process management are, among others.:

  • flat organizational structure with a big deal of independence of the individual units

  • Introducing the internal supplier /  customer relationship in the organization or in the mentality of the employees; each process is for once in the role of supplier for its following process and once in the role of the customer from the previous process.

  • Focus on meeting customer needs in every process, according the motto embossed by me: "No one is allowed to accept waste and no one is allowed to produce and distribute waste".

  • measuring of the process performance and its effectiveness on the basis of process indicators.

  • faster and traceable processes to achieve the target more efficiently.

  • Integration of the process team in the optimization of the process in order to strengthen their initiative and their competence.


Process management is the responsibility of the top management of the company to ensure the realization process for products and services, which is supported by other auxiliary processes.

The ultimate goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of the so-called interested parties of the company (here you may have a look to the ISO 9001-requirements). Please see the chart below.



DMGQ Project Management on your site:

DMGQ takes over the project management responsibility for the implementation of an efficient process management system in your company.

DMGQ with the international experience in project and process management help the whole divisions of the company to install the necessary processes tailor-made according to the nature of the business.

Such processes are used to manufacture and provide products and services under the specified triangle: quality, cost and delivery time.

Furthermore, a performance-measurement system to judge the performance of each process will be simultaneously implemented in order to effectively evaluate the whole company's performance and to ensure the continuous improvement of all processes.


DMGQ Project Engagement:

DMGQ performs this task in the form of a clearly defined project. The working volume depends on the present case

A concrete goal will be defined, an action plan will be established and approved and the reporting guidelines will be agreed upon.

In addition DMGQ creates the necessary documentation to ensure a transparent, comprehensible and goal-oriented project.


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