"It is our philosophy that the
management has the simple
task to put the right
people at the right place and
to encourage them to solve the
existing problems with their

own ingenuity."
Sam M. Walton


DMGQ - Project Management

Project: Implacement


DMGQ Project Management on your site:

DMGQ offers this mentoring-system for implacement. In the form of a project DMGQ is supporting the new employees and / or the managers for a specific period of guidance and assistance.

Furthermore DMGQ as a mentor has the necessary experience and can keep the necessary distance to the issues at hand to give a neutral advise.

Key components of the implacement-program include:

  • conveying the management culture.

  • teaching von specific soft skills.

  • mechanisms for settling into the new environment.

  • regulatory requirements in dealing with the supervisor

  • realistic determination regarding the professional goals.

  • provision of fair and relevant feedback.

  • absolute discretion and confidentiality.


DMGQ Project Engagement:

DMGQ performs this task in the form of a clearly defined project. The working volume depends on the present case

A concrete goal will be defined, an action plan will be established and approved and the reporting guidelines will be agreed upon.

In addition DMGQ creates the necessary documentation to ensure a transparent, comprehensible and goal-oriented implacement process.

Introduction to the issues of this project:

The joining of a novice in the organization (no matter whether it is an employee or a manager) is a very serious event for both parties.

The organization appoints newcomers with the complete consciousness that everything has been done to seek and to find the right person for the vacant or the newly created position

The novice begins his new job with the awareness that the organization has been urgently waiting for his arrival and his efforts.

After a relatively short time both parties notice that their relationship is more problematic than has been thought of. 

The organization misses the immediate and effective commitment of the newcomer. On the other hand this new comer misses the care of their surroundings and feel lonely. This condition affects their performance negatively.

There may be dissatisfaction in the organization.

This is because the novice knows neither the corporate culture nor the strategic planning of the company.

in extreme cases, the novice is thrown into the deep end of the performance process. In addition the natural barriers in him are acting also negatively, such as the avoidance of many and too good questions, because this could make them appear unsuitable and unqualified for the position.    This negative event occurs when the appointment of a newcomer - whether they are employees or managers - takes place without the necessary implacement.

Under implacement DMGQ understands a follow-up (or mentoring) program in the first phase of the appointment of the novices. Such a mentoring program is a win-win-situation for the novice and the company.
It is helpful for the novice and useful for the organization, because the settling process is greatly accelerated. The novice can quickly pursue their tasks and achieve the expected results.


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