"Companies, that are leaders in change
management, are tailored to the change. But employees always need continuity. They do not work well when the environment is unpredictable, incomprehensible and unknown."

Peter F. Drucker


DMGQ - Project Management

Project: Change Management


The success of the change process depends on the quality and efficiency of communication within the organization. Because the exact information of all stakeholders helps the company management to mobilize and strengthen all the driving forces for change.


DMGQ Project Management on your site:

DMGQ can take responsibility for your project "Change Management" as a "change agent" on the spot.

With professional commitment and sincere enthusiasm DMGQ organizes the entire project with the involvement of all employees using the principles of project management.

Furthermore DMGQ ensures the full support of top management for the change project.


DMGQ Project Engagement:

DMGQ performs this task in the form of a clearly defined project. The working volume depends on the present case

A concrete goal will be defined, an action plan will be established and approved and the reporting guidelines will be agreed upon.

In addition DMGQ creates the necessary documentation to ensure a transparent, comprehensible and goal-oriented assessment process.

Introduction to the issues of this project:

We have seen in other parts of this website that changes in business - just as in life - natural processes, which on can not escape.

Change management is the management of the transition from state "A" to a state of "B" and the simultaneous solution of the associated problems.

In change management one deals with the interaction between the strategic planning, the staff, the business processes, strategic product development as well as the ever-changing customer needs.

If one of these factors changes, this will have a direct impact on the remaining factors.

These factors give the overall picture of the "entrepreneurial organization". The company is a living and ever-evolving system. The primary objective of each company is to achieve an organic and healthy growth with market typical profit.

In an unfavorable case, the change process may take longer and cost more than originally estimated, especially if it fails.

These processes of change can be vey complex and demanding, among other things, it may be an issue of develop new markets, to create new products, to address new and challenging tasks to introduce new working methods with new technologies, to evaluate security risks of the business environment, etc.

The volume of these tasks is large and therefore requires strict planning. The definition of the range of validity of the change process is a necessity, otherwise the company's management loses control over this process.


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