A company is only as good
as the sum of its parts, and this
means that it can not afford
any weak parts."

Robert Heller


DMGQ - Project Management

Project: Assessment Center



DMGQ Project Management on your site:

DMGQ performs the necessary assessment center in close cooperation with the direct supervisor, the HR department and the candidate. The focus is on clarifying the integration ability of the candidates in their new surroundings and their new responsibility.

In this process absolute neutrality, objectivity and confidentiality for all parties involved is a must.

At the end of the assessment center all parties should be in agreement about the result, whether the candidate is capable of integration or not. The necessary consequences should be derived and implemented.

DMGQ Project Engagement:

DMGQ performs this task in the form of a clearly defined project. The working volume depends on the present case (candidate and his position).

A concrete goal will be defined, an action plan will be established and approved and the reporting guidelines will be agreed upon.

In addition DMGQ creates the necessary documentation to ensure a transparent, comprehensible and goal-oriented assessment process.


Introduction to the issues of this project:

Frequently many people are promoted only on the basis of their professional skills. Often it is found afterwards that they don't come
up to fulfill the challenges of management. They fall down on their positions as manager, or executive manager.

The integration of a manager in a new area of responsibility is a big risk for the organization and also for the company's results. Not every manager is able to adapt to the new and challenging environment and to perceive the greater responsibility to successfully achieve the company's goals.

For explaining this, there are several complex reasons. Either these people are not in a position to take on leadership roles due to personal deficits, lack of management skills and/ or lack of general management experience.

A thorough suitability test of personality and management skills is advisable. Wrong decisions have a significant negative impact on everyone.

The key question that must be timely answered is: "Does this person has the necessary integration capacity to be integrated in the values and philosophy of the new organization and whether he can carry out his higher level of responsibility without big frictions?

The right time for answering this question is always before the decision is made to hire this person. Postponed decisions even at the end of his probation time are often too late and are completely unsatisfactory.

The vindication of the famous "Peter Principle" must be avoided at all cost. This principle states that everyone ascend in the organization until they have reached their level of incompetence. So you to prove that your candidate for the promotion is still competent for the new challenge.

The fear of such a risk of failure is expressed in the following phrase: "Those who want to bind themselves should have a ground test of compatibility in a very early stage."


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