"The organizations who really
will stand out in the future are
those, who discovered how they
can activate the commitment of
people on all positions to increase
their knowledge level.
A shared vision is vital for such learning organization. The vision is the
focal point and the energy
source for this effort "

Peter Senge



Workshop: Leadership compass

(Vision - Mission - Strategy - Success)

Duration: one day




It follows the definition of strategy. It is a process by which the mission is to be realized and the company is steered in the direction of the vision.

It follows the formulation of the strategic plan, measurable on the basis of concrete objectives with key indicators (metrics) for the company and for the individual business units as well as for the departments.

These metrics are flexible. They adapt to the company and its market situation.

The executive management has to ensure that the employees understand and identify with all elements of the strategic compass. 

The employees should actively participate as early as possible in this strategic business process to recognize the limits and the potentials of the company.

The business process "vision - mission - strategy" is a dynamic and periodic matter. It should be held at least once a year.

This is a cycle of renewal of the company. Questions will be asked and the appropriate answers should be given, in order to take corrective or updating actions out of these responses:

  • Were the objectives of the mission achieved?

  • Should the mission be corrected or updated?

  • How far does the company come closer to the realization of its vision?

  • Which other measures should be initiated and carried out?

  • How to adapt the company structure to the new challenges?

The executive management is obliged to provide a guidance compass for the company and their employees. This is achieved most efficiently by involving the employees to ensure a wider acceptance for the content of this compass.

In this workshop you will learn that the leadership compass is an important management tool. Who master the process of creating vision, mission and strategy are assured that they will run the business professionally and successfully.

You come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skill and with your own compass that helps you to know how to create and use the appropriate compass for your business.

The company's vision defines the notion of the future and the realistic direction to go there. The vision answers the urgent question of where the company is heading and when the arrival is targeted.

It follows the definition of the mission, even best known as the "Mission Statement" of the company.

The following questions have to be answered specifically:

  • Why are we in the market and what are the specific and measurable goals do we have to achieve?

  • How is the competitive position of the company is changing?

  • Which forces can influence the company in the future?

  • How should the company more effectively position itself in the market (customer focus)

  • Which skills and competencies we still need?  (operational excellence)

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