"I think, one has to understand

the economic nexuses of a business,
before establishing an appropriate
strategy. And one has also to understand
the outreach of such a strategy,
before a business structure is established.
Bringing these steps in the wrong
order, one will likely fail

Michael Dell


Workshop: Strategic Planning

Duration: one day:

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First and far most, strategic planning deals with the core of the company's business at the present day and in the near future. This core of business has to be thoroughly examined and updated in a professional strategy process.

The most effective way to carry out this strategic process should be under the guidance and moderation of an external professional counselor (as DMGQ). In this process the organization has to answer critical and objective questions with honest statements and fact.

Strategic planning must bring real competitive advantage by generating innovative products and customer orientation. It must be continuously updated, otherwise it will be outdated, putting the company in worst case into bankruptcy.

Despite the important role of strategic planning to develop the company, it can be stated that it fails in many companies during the implementation stage. Bureaucracy, inertia and resistance to change are hard to overcome obstacles.

Executive management must assume that strategic planning will be met with rejection and is not automatically adopted and implemented by all employees. It would be an illusion to believe that this strategic process is a smooth one. Particularly if the mindset of the employees is built on conventional ways of thinking.

Such a conventional mindset is reflected in the following phrases from the employees: "Do not change horses in the race" or "Never change a running system" or "We did it already all before".

It is essential to qualify the managers for their important role in the preparation, communication and the realization of the strategic planning.

In this workshop you will be introduced to the topic of successful strategic planning. It is a complex and important issue for the success of your business.

You come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skill and with your own personal compass that help you to establish your corporate strategy process even more efficient.

The strategic planning of a business is the supreme discipline in the corporate governance.

The image on the right side of this page shows the interrelated elements to assemble the wheel of strategic planning..

This wheel requires qualified managers and motivated employees
in the organization, who can fill each block of the wheel with the correct content and then bring the whole wheel together on the right track to roll.

With such a wheel of strategic planning the company can provide for business and profit growth as well as for the acquisition of new customers. It makes also the employees proud of their performance.

The speed of today's changes in the global business landscape, the financial uncertainties in the capital markets, the saturation of the developed markets, the progressing hunger of the emerging countries and the diversity of customer expectations have increased tremendously.

The dangers for the company's survival can be reduce with the
 help of a professional strategic planning together with an effective
risk management system.

This planning allows the company to shape its present and future situation in the market. Think of the saying: "who doesn't actively shape, will be shaped."

As every business is different, there can be no uniform, magical and generic strategic planning. Each block of the strategic wheel must therefore be thoroughly prepared together with the employees. It will be helpful to use in this issue the strategic compass.


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