"I do not concern myself with
what has been done.
I'm highly interested in
what else needs to be done"

Marie Curie



Strategic Product Development

Duration: one day



The product in the state "poor dog" has become worthless for the company.

The executive management is responsible for ensuring that new marketable products to be developed and sold to counter so the natural fluctuation of the "poor dogs", in order to utilize the full potential of the company.

The following aspects will be dealt with in this workshop:

  • New products and services decide on the future business success. With the help of strategic development strategy, the company can at any time quickly and flexibly respond to market changes

  • With the help of the development strategy, the company focuses on the right projects and stop waste of resources in continuing working with unprofitable projects.

  • The development strategy should systematically maximize the number of promising development projects to produce the right product portfolio in order to ensure the company's competitiveness in the medium to long term.

Strategic product development determines the necessary
product portfolio of the company. The management of product folios sets out the priorities and organizes the available
resources accordingly. 

In this workshop you will learn that the process of strategic product development is a high level of management art. Who masters this process is assured that they can manage the appropriate and successful product portfolio with the help of their product development teams. 

You come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skill and your own personal compass that help
you to to know how you can ensure your company's competitiveness in the long term.

The company's product portfolio is an important strategic issue for the executive management.

The strategic product development is a must to ensure that the enterprise produces short and long term innovative and successful products for the market. Not every product lasts as a "cash cow" for ever. Often many products are, due to changes in customer behavior, ultimately deemed to end into the status of "poor dog" after have been evaluated "cash cow". 

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