"Effective managers proceed from the
existing capabilities of a candidate to
fill in vacancies or to carry out a promotion.
Their personnel decisions don't
aim at minimizing the weaknesses,
but maximizing the strengths."

Peter Drucker


Workshop: People Development

Duration: one day





In this field of human resources development the DMGQ - consultancy consisting of assessment center und implacement coaching  can be used.

Each leading person has to manage their co-workers and business processes according to the company's philosophy.  This understanding, and the implementation of this philosophy, crowns the technical skills and  soft skills of each manager.

The executive management is responsible to embed the issue of people development in the company's philosophy. Development of people must be derived from the leadership compass and consequently applied.

No manager can be promoted to the next higher position without having beforehand the successful completion of all necessary checks and preparations to prove and ensure their suitability.

Each promoted person is responsible for the emotional, professional and economic interests of their newly acquired employees.

It prevails a challenging working environment for any manager. While companies slim down more and more, the commitment of managers and employees and their personal readiness to serve the company remained unchanged.

The good performing employees ask for a demonstrative reward and recognition of their skills and contribution to the success of the company. On the other side, the low-performer are hiding calm for fear of being discovered with their unsatisfactory performance.

The executive management is well advised to offer their "high performer" voluntarily and out of own initiative an active tailor made program for career development opportunities.

Staff development is a dynamic and strategic leadership task for the executive management. It should not be let alone in the hands of the Human Resources departments and in the hands of heads of departments.

Employees are up to day often solely promoted on the basis of their professional (educational) qualifications.

In retrospect the promotion of such persons turned out to be the wrong decision to the surprise of the decision makers. That is because these employees are not capable manager with managerial responsibility.

In this workshop you will learn that the establishment of a system for the development and for the promotion of employees is an important management objective.
Those who master it are ensured that they can enrich the corporate structure with the right people.

You come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skill and with your own personal compass that help you to know how to professionally establish a system for smooth and successful staff development in your organization.

Not all people feel a vocation to become manager. They are experts in their professional field and want to keep their position held. This request must be accepted and nonetheless they should be offered another suitable development opportunity. There is a climate in which this standardized promotion process is perceived as normality. The view out of the box is missed.

Victims are the so promoted employees, as they are not enough or not at all well prepared for their new managerial assignment. They fail and the hoped career opportunity is becoming a career disaster.

They do not meet the expectation placed in them. They are unable to maintain the dedication of their staff nor are they continuing to encourage their staff to peak performance.

In this context the so-called "Peter Principle" helps to explain these circumstances. This principle states: "Everyone rises in the organization up until they reach the level of their incompetence."

Each failed promotion costs time and money. It lead to confusion, frustration and disappointment within the organization. Leadership and management skills must be systematically learned, practiced and continuously developed.

The executive management must be aware about its undisputed responsibility in that matter. It is their sole responsibility to implement a professional recruitment and promotion system and to use successfully.

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