"The main functions of Leaders
is firstly to provide a communication
system, secondly to ensure that
indispensable efforts be made
and thirdly to define and formulate
strategic goals and control their
successful implementation

Chester Barnard


Workshop: Leadership (CEO)

Duration: one day


In this workshop you will learn that the ability to lead a company is the highest echelon of all management responsibilities. Who masters this capability is assured that they are the right stuff to lead the business strategically, professionally and successfully. 

You come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skill and your own personal compass that help
you to know how you run your business and lead your people successfully.

The CEO (Chief Executive Officers) hold complete responsibility in their hands for the results, the success and the failure of their employees in their organization. CEO are alone responsible for the development, implementation and control of the organizational structure.

Today's business world has become more international, fast-paced, dynamic and harder in the wake of globalization.
There is a world elite, true to the motto "Survival of the fittest". Darwin says hello.

Many people face this fact with fear, doubt and uncertainty.
That's why they need these days the more a person with leadership capabilities at the top of the company, who can motivate and lead in these difficult times to success.

The complexity increases. To anticipate precise market scenarios is hardly possible. Add to this the constant changes in the "rules of the game", as e.g.:

  • Working hard towards a supposed competitive advantage,
    a competitor develops a compete new technology or
    a product and put it into the market, so that from one day
    to the next your own strategic planning becomes obsolete.

  • In the moment when the employee motivation has good results, their attitudes and perceptions may change.

  • In the development process of a new market niche, some unforeseeable risks occur, which mutate the promising opportunity into a big risk for the company.

CEO have the obligation for a comprehensible and transparent  organizational structure,  a conclusively justified strategic planning and an effective corporate culture. In this framework, talents can be discovered, trained and promoted to enrich the company staff with capable people.


Such leaders (CEO) have to meet a specific profile. They especially must have the necessary emotional intelligence and also the innate (cognitive) will to lead.

The leaders must have the ability to constantly adapt in these complex and volatile markets. Their true adjustment is reflected in the criteria: flexibility, endurance, creativity and a strong fighting spirit.

Another essential leadership skill is the enthusiasm and the power to entrain others to work for the company's goal.

Furthermore, the Leaders must have strong convictions and beliefs to be able to envision a role model for their employees.

In addition, the leaders have to communicate to their employees the honest feeling that the company stands by their side, that they are treated fairly and is offering them opportunities for personal and professional development. Employees must be encouraged to express their opinion even towards superiors. People want to be perceived by their superior with respect, be empowered and offered real development.

Successful and professional leader list the following factors as pillars for their success:

  • innovation in products and services.

  • fast responsiveness to a competitive environment .

  • cross-cultural management.

  • motivated and loyal employees.

  • official and unofficial influence within the organization

  • readiness to continuously question their basic assumptions and attitudes to correct them in the right time and to communicate the situation in a transparent way.


You are responsible for ensuring that these factors are also constantly being implemented in an updated form in your organization and borne by your employees.

Sometimes these success factors fall by the wayside due to unprofessional installation of the necessary organizational structures, the shortness of breath or the lack of assertiveness.

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