"In our business the windows of
opportunities open and close
with astonishing speed.
I have to remind my people
permanently to act exactly
at the right moment."

Mark McCormack


Corporate culture  / Business ethics

Duration: one day



A unique corporate culture supported by the company's employees can act against the following negative factors:

  • bad working atmosphere.

  • hidden power structures between the individual business areas.

  • Subculture between the management level and the remaining employees.

A corporate culture helps a successful realization of the strategic planning with low friction losses.

Under ethical conduct is understood a duty-oriented behavior that generally increases happiness and reduce damage.

Thus the corporate culture ethics means the determination of the mandatory moral principles on which the whole company and the entire team at all levels are kept and their behavior be measured.

By immoral behavior the company harm mainly the people and the environment in various forms. Experience teaches that unethical behavior could be beneficial in the short term, but long term the company loses the trust of the business partners. The company will go ultimately to ruin.


The ethical issues in the company are divided in the literature into four categories:

  • problems in the personal sector.

  • problems with conflict of interest.

  • problems with customer dissatisfaction

  • problems in dealing with financial issues.

In this workshop you will learn that the topics of corporate culture and business ethics are a high level management art for the executive management of the company. Those who master it, are ensured that they will be able to set the necessary framework conditions for a successful business climate.

You come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skill and you own personal compass that help you to know how to successfully run the company and to place it in the business community as a reliable partner.

Corporate culture and business ethics serve to gain a sustainable social, environmental and economic development of the company.

Corporate culture and business ethics are an inseparable twin.

The culture must be defined first and followed by the definition of ethics.

The corporate culture is the relationship between beliefs, values, morals, codes of conduct, standards, business processes, employee assessment and working environment in the organization,

The cornerstones of corporate culture are:

  • the company
    (strategic compass, organizational structure and
    strategic planning).

  • the employees
    (qualification, motivation and performance),

  • the customer
    (Needs and desires) and

  • the competition
    (Survival of the fittest)


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