"Who delegates the responsibility on others,

will not loose power, but win it,

especially if this makes the whole

thriving business better"

Rosabeth Moss Kanter


Workshop: Delegation

Duration: One Day




They commit the biggest mistake of their career development. After all, who shows that he is irreplaceable in one place, will forever sit on it.

The top decision makers in the organization dread the situation with such
a manager (or in my own words: a noble clerk) because they can't move him to another position much less to promote him. As they fear that this would create a huge and negative vacuum in terms of expertise and subject-related experience. A very big mistake.

Managers believing that they have a superior knowledge will make everything by themselves. They do not trust their employees. They don't also buy into the fact that their employees are able to make decisions unconditional and without mandatory consultation.

Such Managers are in reality unbearable tyrants in the organization.

Managers with low ability to delegate may one day become a problem in the company.

The company needs good and qualified new talents for the development of the business. Such people can't be kept longer in the organization, as long as their superior managers have poor delegation ability and are still operating in a kind of "knowledge dictatorship".

The frustration of such "knowledge dictator" is becoming even bigger when they discover that the company's decision makers are not satisfied with their management style. They perceive it as ingratitude for their daily "tireless" commitment. They seem to become bitter. They could even become unpleasant and toxic for the whole organization.

Delegation is an important management skill that every manager must master.

A major weakness of managers and leaders lies in not being able to get rid of the swirl of everyday business for a while.

In this workshop you will learn that the system for proper delegation of tasks and responsibilities to employees is a high
art of management. Those who master this issuer are assured that they will bring their team or their project group to success.

You come out of this workshop with a new profitable management skill and with your own personal compass that helps you to know how to successfully lead your team or project group by using this management tool "delegation".

In real life many manager have really no time to look at the sensitive issues of their fields, like e.g. development of their own skills, improvement of business processes, development of their employees and to reflect on their risk management, let alone to work on the subject of strategic planning.

Such managers fall into the useless state, titled by me, as "Noble Clerks". It happens to them almost without realizing it.
They deal mainly with daily operational tasks and neglect
their responsibility for important strategic and tactical planning. They are trapped in their own vicious cycle.

The obvious reason for this problem is either due to the unwillingness or the inability to organize their agenda and delegate tasks to subordinates or others.

This problem is based on a misunderstanding of the fundaments
of management. Unfortunately, this problem is also existing
in the areas of managing directors and business owners, with their self-conception as being indispensable.

The reluctance to share their own knowledge and develop
their employees rises up from their need for self-protection, their inflated self-esteem and their unhealthy desire for power.

They do not want to be dispensable and are afraid to give power to "strangers" because they fear negative consequences for their own career.

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