"An ordinary mind is like
a bad hunting dog, which quickly picks
up the track of a thought, but also
quickly loses it again."

Hugo von Hofmannsthal


Workshop: Career Update

"Training and Leading"

Duarion: one day



Earlier the today often missing values such as sense of community, connectedness and confidentiality in private and professional lives of the people played a major role. These values are lost.

Nowadays the modern manager is easily willing to change jobs and to change employers.

In the business world today it is known and well accepted that a transition has taken place from the emotional loyalty commitment to a new callous business relationship. Furthermore, it is also known that this former loyalty led to an unhealthy relationship between the company management and the workforce. In this workshop you will learn more about it.

The picture above, can be regarded by you as a personal opportunity and also as a checklist to got through and check if you have further development needs to continue to move forward professionally.

Your professional progress should also stretch far beyond your current limits. After all, your employer would welcome this step because it can secure the future of the company with cosmopolitan and developed staff and managers.

With further qualification and new skills your basic market value and the attention of other people will increase.

In addition, these new skills will enable you to apply for more challenging and secure assignments anywhere.

In this workshop you will learn the systematic of honest self-reflection and self-evaluation. You are really always required to manage yourself and to lead others in your organization to success.

From time to time, it would do you good if you scrutinize your current skills and put a question mark behind your achievements. This act of sound self reflection takes you for a moment from
the maelstrom of daily life, to reflect on yourself and your market value.

If you are satisfied at the moment with your current account,
then it is good for you. But please remember that you are ultimately in danger of becoming sleepy about die dynamic development of the business world around you and its direct
and indirect influence on your life.

It is a fact that companies increasingly behave not loyal to their employees and inversely the employees are becoming less and less committed to the company. This is the new spirit of the time
in which we live today.

This disloyalty of the company is legitimate in its search for an optimization of the whole structure of the organization an, consequently, to justify the maximization of profitability.

For this, the company is taking drastic measures, such as the use of advanced technologies to increase their own efficiency in global competition, the search for "favorable" investment capital, the shift of production facilities to low cost places and the radical streamlining of staff structures.

The employees have become increasingly disloyal at the present time because they miss about their jobs the historical ties of their parents and grandparents with their former companies.

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