"The best proof of a good
education is punctuality

Wilhelm von Humboldt


Workshop: Time Management

Duration: one day




Otherwise the work-life balance gets into swaying, to the detriment of private life.

Self-management is a key aspect to use the time in the sense of maximum personal effectiveness and efficiency.

The manager must display a big deal of discipline in his daily agenda, which means that they effectively and efficiently use their time.

Successful manager don't let their plans with confined time budget and activities be distracted, especially by all time thieves luring around them. According to DMGQ-experience, the most evil time thieves are the lack of qualification of the employees and the limited ability of delegation to these employees.

Remember that you are yourself may become your biggest enemy due to your inferior style of self-organization.

Attention: your time management style is not a private matter, because it affects the processes within the whole organization and thus the company's results.

Who does not appreciate the punctuality as a virtue, they can break them. Many managers and employees are often late, whether on arrival at meetings, in the delivery of results and in the planning and implementation of projects.

In this workshop you will learn that a successful time management
is a high level of management art. Those who master this subject are assured that they will lead their teams and their project group to success and will achieve results.

You come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skill and your own personal compass that help
you to find how to successfully lead your team or project group meetings.

To be unpunctual, is a stigma that sticks to you and could mean your professional ruin. Who is considered tardy, loses the
respect of others. In extreme cases, these managers are accused of unreliability and breach of trust. These attributes can spoil the professional progress of the manager.

Tasks must be delivered to specific dates. In case of bad time management the people involved get into the final stages of their duties in the state titled by me "acceleration trap".

If this "acceleration trap" snaps, the people lose control of themselves, their work and their results. Time is then short and the stress increases.

Professional time management is an essential management skill. In today's dynamic and racing time more than ever. Time management is fundamental in today's business world, if you
want to succeed.

Because of organizational measures such as corporate restructuring, increased momentum in product development and immense flood of information are forcing managers to be more efficient in their daily work.

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