"A team is not a mere collection
of people with different professions,
but a temporary group of individuals
each of whom has a definite role to play,
which should be understood by other members."

Meredith Belbin



Workshop: Team Building

Duration: one day




The following questions should go through your head as a team leader:

  • In which good (or bad) team have you participated in your career?

  • What made this team good or bad?

  • Do you have sufficient experience in managing a team and how are you sure in communicating with people rightly, especially in critical and  litigious situations?

  • Does your personal management style fit to the team concept? or do you need to adapt yourself in order to lead the team professionally?

  • Do you understand how to motivate your team optimally?

  • Do you know specifically what you expect from your team?

  • Have you thought about how you can avoid potential conflicts or to solve them effectively?

  • Do you know what progress reporting system comes into question?

  • Do you have experience with the subject of budget control?

  • What do you do when individual team members claim the success of the team only for themselves?

  • How do you rightly lead and motivate "outperformer" and "underperformer" in the team?

Teams are not comparable to a permanent working group of employees in a certain department. Teams need to be planned, installed and cared for.

In this workshop you will learn that working with teams is a delicate management task. Those who master this issue is assured that they can lead their team or their project group to a definite success.

You will come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skill and with your own personal compass that help you to know how to organize your team or project group successfully.

People working together in one place, may not necessarily be a team.

A team has a recognizable feature: "It's a group that works together temporarily for a certain period of time to meet a common goal within a project successful. After closing the project this team dissolves". 

The team may consist of employees from different functions, departments, disciplines or even different companies.

Teams are formed for specific projects, organized by a manager (or team leader) and led to a certain goal successfully. He is personally responsible for the team and the result.

The summary of the main task of the team leader is to professionally mobilize the team members to do certain tasks on quality, on time and on budget.

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