"Both persons do
themselves self-harm:
the one, who promises too much and the other,
who expects too much."
Gotthard Epharim Lessing




Objective agreement
Duration: one day


The objective agreement process goes like so: your boss agrees certain objectives with you. You also agree with your team or employees related objectives, in order to reach the results needed.

In this workshop you will learn that the objective agreement process with employees, with colleagues and with superiors is an important management tool. Who masters this tool is assured that they come systematically and in a comprehensible way to success.

You come out of the workshop with an advantageous management skill and with your own personal compass that help you to apply objective agreements in your core business.

A systematic and result-oriented work is expected to achieve the objectives (targets) in compliance with the requirements of quality, time and budget.


There are many situations in everyday business where objective agreement take place:

Basically, the manager is responsible for the provision of clear, unambiguous and measurable goals.

With the objective agreement process the manager has a powerful tool at hand to set up concrete goals and to lead every action with result-oriented behavior.


The assessment of goal setting can reveal many problems in the organization and can solve them systematically.

Conflicts can thus be early detected and treated in time.

Possible qualification needs for the manager as well as for the employee can be determined by using target agreements.

By agreeing on objectives the respective expectations of the superior and the employee will be shown.

Objective setting is a standard by which the actions of individuals are defined and easily measured. There should be no room left for  misunderstanding, confusion and disappointment.

Objective agreement are derived from the highest corporate objectives of the company set by executive management.

For the objective agreement process the most current strategic planning serves as a binding standard of corporate governance to achieve corporate results within a given period of time. The objectives for the individual business units and department can be adapted and concretized in a specific form.

Objective agreements are the basis of the substantive guidance of the staff:

  • The employees have the right to know on what goals their work must be oriented and also according to which standards their performance will be evaluated.

  • The employees can compare their qualifications with the set goals continuously to determine whether they are with their level of qualification in a position to be able to comply with these goals.

  • Necessary personnel development activities  can be discussed .  with the superior and subsequently implemented.


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