"If  you want to build a ship
with your people, then do start to
collect wood with them.
Instead, first raise the yeaning for
the great sea in their soul. "

Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Workshop: Motivation

Duration: one day


Would the manager awake an inner longing for the feeling of freedom in the vast sea atmosphere and for a distant journey to discover an unknown world with some unexpected adventures for every participant, he will lead the participants with individual motivation. Everyone in the team will work with their own great motivation for the construction of the ship to fulfill their personal targets.

Positive motivation will ultimately lead to the improvement of business performance in terms of productivity, quality and profitability.

Below you will learn how this positive motivation can be possible:

  • The manager formulates a vision (a common goal) for all the team members. He awakens the longing for the sea.

  • The manager inspires the team with the desire to work incessantly for the construction of the ship with all necessary efforts. Everyone will then just work towards the finishing of the ship as soon an possible to reach their own target and to satisfy their their longing for the journey.

  • The manager evokes a positive motivation in each team member, to let each one make its best contribution in the form of strong performance. They will help each other without complaints until the all steps are completed to build the ship and to set sail.

In this workshop you will learn that motivation of employees, colleagues and superiors is a high level of management art. Those people who master this act, are assured that they will
lead their teams and project group to success.

You will come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skill and with your own personal compass that will help you to know how to motivate the people working with you.

The above statement from de Saint-Exupery describes in an impressive way the art of leadership and motivation of people.

One can visualize the scenario behind this quote as follows:
if the manager would only arrange the team for the sole purpose to collect wood in sufficient quantity, he will manage the issue, who, when and how much wood should collect.
After a while the team will lose the passion to continue the process of collection. 

The motivation of the team is not strong enough to keep the joy of all participants awake until the construction of the ship comes to an end.
After a few days with the collection of wood, the team will lose their enthusiasm und become bored with this sole activity.
The sense of achievement is lacking here. To collect wood is a necessary activity but it is not a satisfactory achievement.

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