"It is not the too little time
we have, but it is the too much
time, we do not use."

Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Workshop: Effective Meetings

Duration: one day




A professional chairperson can also provide the necessary framework for an effective and successful meeting.

Please evaluate the quality of your current meetings regarding the achievement of your goals with one of the predicates: excellent, very good, good, average or poor.

The chairperson of the meeting and the participants must have the following objectives :

  • enable a rapid and effective communication between the participants

  • use the meeting as an effective decision-making opportunity

  • increase motivation and strengthen the team for the continuation of the project

Not everyone can occupy the position of the meeting chairperson. Because such a chairperson must assume the role of a "facilitator", equipped with the necessary facilitating qualification.

This qualification describes the various skills manager, team leaders and other chairperson need to act as an effective facilitator and to be able to conduct meetings and working groups, with the aim of:

  • development of independent and effective problem solvers.

  • promotion of mutual understanding and good communication.

  • transfer of knowledge according to Best Practice.

Who can sing no song about the poorly prepared, unprofessionally moderated and inconclusively remained meetings. I suspect none!

In this workshop you will learn that the management of meetings
is a high level of management art. Those who master this subject are assured that they will lead their teams and their project group meetings to success and will achieve results.

You come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skill and your own personal compass that help you to find how to successfully lead your team or project group meetings.

Meetings have become in many companies to a "waste of resources pit" into which much of value (e.g. time, effort and cost) is being invested pointless, and nobody wants to feel responsible for it.

In these worthless meetings, people often come together to mostly exchange mutual recriminations, to express dare excuses for unfinished work or just unprepared to be simply present. No one asks why they have been invited and what is the specific contribution they have to make here. 

Ineffective and unnecessary meetings can.

  • cost time and money

  • enhance the formation of individual fractions and create resentment and

  • lead to poor decisions and inferior results

Meetings are the gathering of certain people, to be at a certain location at a certain time and to work for a certain purpose.

Meetings are led by a chairperson with a fixed agenda. The performance and results are professionally recorded, to enable a consequent follow-up.

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