"Essentially, it is the

connection with people that gives

life its value."

Wilhelm von Humboldt


Workshop: Conflict Management

Duration: one day



Conflict management is an integral part of the practical management and therefore a very important soft skill.

The manager ought to be able to timely detect and identify the signals of a conflict und provide the appropriate preventive measures either to avoid or solve the conflict.

If the conflict is yet arisen, the manager should respond with an applicable and professional solution.

The benefits of an active conflict management are

  • Reinforcement of motivation and creation of a sense of justice among the employees. The staff will then focus their energy on their work and free themselves from negative emotions.

  • Creating a positive image for the team and for the company.

  • Improvement of the team work with the aim to achieve the planned results smoothly.

  • Improving the personal development of each individual employee.

  • Spruce up one's manager image, namely that one is able to take on greater responsibility.

  • Creating a win-win corporate culture in which employees feel fairly treated and respect each other.

When different people come meet, there is the possibility that some conflict of interest arise. A professional approach is expected from the Manager for the resolution of conflicts. 

in this workshop you will learn how you can deal with conflict situations systematically.

You come out of the workshop with new advantageous management skill and also with your own personal compass that help you to lead your team and project group with a little conflict (best is conflict free management!).

Conflicts can have various causes, such as

  • Differences between people with different living and working perceptions,

  • Difficulties in enforcing their own opinions and ideas,

  • Frustration and resentment within the teams,

  • Different preference of individuals with regard to the corporate standards,

  • Problematic working conditions,

  • Unrealistic result expectations,

  • Inadequate communication and last but not least

  • Discriminatory behaviors, such as racism or sexism (especially in the area of acceptance of women in managerial and leadership positions).  

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