"It is not enough to talk about
business. One has above all
to speak to people. "

Stanislaw Jerzy Lec


Workshop: Communication

Duration: one day




Every corporate leader and his managers plead mantra-like that innovation, faster responsiveness to customer needs and cross-cultural management are essential for business success. This could be only achieved by fruitful communication within the organization.

Nevertheless a lot of friction reign between the conceptual model of the outdated industrial era and the modern conceptual model of the modern internet age. But it must be recognized that people communicate today other than in the past.

It must be made clear that none of the two models is neither right nor wrong. But there must be a silver bullet to success. People have to learn to understand the contrast between the models and addressing them to determine the suitable communication rules in the company.

The focus should be on building the necessary bridges of understanding between people across all business processes within the whole the enterprise. Additionally the behavior of the Manager and the leader should be adjusted to the new development of communication methods.

In this workshop you will learn that your communication capability is an integral part of the discipline for developing your personality, managerial and leadership skills.

You come out of this workshop with a new advantageous management skills and having your own personal compass
that helps you to know how you can professionally communicate successfully with your environment (boss, team and project

The Manager must be in a position to enable themselves to give their own point of view in a clear and comprehensible manner to their superiors, colleagues, employees, customers and suppliers. They must have also the competence to capture the view of their interlocutors to interpret, understand and appropriately respond.

We are living in a dynamic, advanced technology and globalization time, which is chaotic, unpredictable, often incomprehensible, but in fact interesting.

The Internet satisfies the need of many people quickly, uninhibited and uncomplicated to communicate and exchange information. It became a dynamic, adaptable, complex and helpful at the same time. People manage with the help of the Internet their own networks to communicate and cultivate their relationship. A new mindset to deal with free communication patterns has been created. It is the age of the unlimited communication and feedback.

However, most companies and their executives are still living in the industrial age with the associated mechanized outdated  management principles: control, hierarchical lines of communication and unfair promotion of internal competition.


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