"He who sees no meaning in his
life, is not only unhappy, but
hardly viable."

Albert Einstein



Workshop: Demotivation

Duration: one day



The continuous reduction of management levels and the flattening of hierarchies offer the talented junior staff only few chances in the vertical line to ascend.

In fact there some negative scenarios occurring in a number of organizations, e.g. Executives destroy the career of their emerging professionals when it serves their own advancement. It gets also worse. Employees and sometimes entire departments dupe others to make themselves look better or to use them as a scapegoat.  They seek the reasons for their negative balance in others and not in themselves and their own poor performance.

Therefore it is important that every leader and manager timely recognize the occurrence of demotivation and successfully take the necessary corrections.

Professional manager stifle demotivation in the bud and create a long-term successful working environment with a healthy team spirit.

It is important that managers are able to know the fears of the employees, take corrective action against and convert this fear into positive energy and ultimately increase the success factor for the company.

The manager should help to establish a transparent and creative work conditions with spontaneity and liveliness.

In this workshop you will learn that demotivation is a disaster and how you can timely recognize its signs. Who avoids this phenomena in his organization, he will be able to develop his team to competence and independence.

You come out from this workhop with a winning management qualification and having your own compass to protect yourself against this stealthy disease.

When employees go to their superiors in an attitude, as shown on the picture on the right side of this page, then the work climate is unhealthy, poor and ineffective.

It is the prime duty of a manager to professionally manage, motivate und develop the employee.

No manager can waive that obligation.

Leaders must solve many problems that affect their professional competence, but their social skills are put to the test at the interactive processes as well as cross functional communications between them and their employees.

In today's business fields with the challenges of globalization associated with uncertainties to achieve the commercial success
it depends heavily on whether the employee can contribute with his talents and dedication to the success of the company.

For many manager the art of motivation still remains a mystery that they can not decipher easily.

The partially tyrannical leadership style of many managers means that the employees lose their own initiative, be closed to change and engage in a rulebook slowdown. The fear about job losses
will aggravate the situation.

This negative and debilitating work environment drives away any joy in work and destroys any will for good performance. There
is a lack of motivation. Demotivation rules the scene.

With heads down the people go their way joyless and with little initiative. They run what is said to them. They do their best to protect themselves from any incalculable risk.

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