Ghoniem DMGQ Leadership Coaching Theme Burnout


"Enterprises, which are pioneers in change management, are geared to transformation.

But the people need continuity to some extent.

They do not function well in an unpredictable, incomprehensible and unidentified field."

Peter F. Drucker


Workshop: Burnout

Duration: One Day



Peter Drucker pointed in his above quotation some decades ago at the influence of the working conditions on the performance and emotional well-being of the people in an organization. Back in his days the subject named "Burnout" was almost unknown.

Nowadays "Burnout" is a wide spread theme in all media and in the public. The above mentioned words of Peter Drucker are gaining ground in our daily thinking about the interrelationship between people's health and their working environment.  

In this workshop you will learn that the competency to cope with your own stress to avoid Burnout is a very important managerial skill. Everyone in command of this skill is completely ensured,
that he or she will be able to continue his/ her professional career in a successful way.

You will come out of this workshop acquiring the necessary management qualification and also establishing your own new compass, which will show you the pragmatic means to get rid of the negative side effects of your working environment and even to stop them from ever interfering with your life.

Burnout is generally defined as an emotional fatigue situation, accompanied by physical symptoms. It is largely believed that Burnout is the result of chronicle stress. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared stress as the biggest health risk in the current 21st century.

The majority of people believes that stress is caused by the work load and the shortage of time at their working place. Another factors like problems in their partnership, their families and their financial resources were made also responsible for stress.

All these stress factors lead many people in a situation of despair.

If the conflicts between the interests of the employer and the interests of the employee continue to increase, the stress on both sides will also increase.


Some reasons for this negative state of stress are:


DMGQ coaching can help in a holistic way, to find the reasons of the stressful situation and also work out the appropriate measures to eliminate the stress.

To learn more about the complexity of this issue, please click on the highlighted links on this page.

Be aware of how many factors may affect you simultaneously.

Please note that you are with your personality and your emotional intelligence to a certain extent responsible for the stress situation.

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