"Who constantly wants to be happy,
must often change themselves."



Workshop: Change / Chance

Part 2: Positive Metamorphosis



In the first part of the workshop, you learned that change can be a chance. In this part you will learn what a positive change is and what it can accomplish.

Such a change has the character of a mutation. The proverb says that you an inspiring matter could lend wings to you.

An example of a positive development (positive metamorphosis) is the hatching of this butterfly from the cocoon.

Try as a person, employee, manager or CEO to get a positive change and become happier. You can even give others some of this happiness to enjoy.

Leave this old world of your habits and your particular settings (mindset).

Your employer or your investor will be very pleased with you because you are clearly dedicated to the operational processes of change in a positive way.

Processes of change are positive mutation processes in the organizations to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, cost reduction, resource conservation and customer loyalty.


: Part 3: Negative Metamorphosis