Ghoniem DMGQ Leadership Coaching Theme change as a chance


"Who constantly wants to be happy,
must often change themselves."





Workshop: Change / Chance

Duration: 2 days (4 parts)


Part 1: change as a chance




This four-part workshop will help you master the professional dealing with the phenomenon "change" with all difficulties involved.

If you notice some of the following symptoms in your behavior, then you need urgent help.

  • If you realize that your opinion is simply no longer in demand and you have the impression to sink into insignificance.

  • If you thing that the time has gone by pretty fast, without achieving your personal and professional success.

  • In you are not in keeping with the time in your professional environment.

  • If you notice that your management skills have dramatically declined in importance.

  • If you discover that you still love and work in your previous old habits, but the music plays without you somewhere.


  • If you find yourself neglected in your own development and feeling isolated, although you fellow human beings evolve successful.

  • If you act as if you were a cranky crow, uttering out negative comments about what is happening in the company.

  • If you cling to excuses such as you can not change anything, because there is not enough approval for time or money.

  • If you are satisfied with all too convenient pretexts. But you are not making any progress, as though you tread water.

  • If you are dissatisfied with yourself and the world around you and looking for a way out, but do not know how.

  • If you can't take care of the foundation for success and you feel uncomfortable and lost.

    Continuation, Part 2: Positive Metamorphosis

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