Ghoniem DMGQ Leadership Caoching Theme Change


"Many are stubborn and stick in
close relation to the chosen
path, a few with respect to
the new target."

Friedrich Nietzsche



Workshop: Change / Chance

Part 4: Acceptance of change


This two-day workshop with its four parts:

1.  Change as an opportunity,

2.  Positive metamorphosis,

3.  Negative metamorphose und

4.  Acceptance of change

let you focus intensively on the topic of change and help you to put yourself in the position of being able to set your your personal and professional priorities. 

The entire workshop will help you to open your eyes to new career paths.

This fourth part of the workshop focuses explicitly on the evaluation of your potential and the corresponding opportunities.

You will be faced with all aspects of the theme change to let you comprehend that you have the right as well as the duty to determine the appropriate path of your further development.

As you are tightly sticking to your place in the organization, it become more important for you to think about how you intend to continue you career and also as to enrich the entire organization.

We will create together an action plan in order to be clear about what and how you can actually achieve within or outside the organization.

Search sincerely and you will discover your existing and also the not yet known degrees of freedom and use them useful for your own development.


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