Today's business is driven by two key factors: complexity and speed.

If you want to survive in the competition, you have to learn to deal professionally with these two factors.

The day-to-day life is slowed down by its interrelated problems within the daily business.
This situation leads to a deviation from the targeted strategic results.

Under these conditions it is difficult for the manager to think clear and strategically. In addition one should not forget, that it is almost very hard to smoothly establish a business strategy and implement it with the understanding and the support of the affected employees.

In such strategic matters I am used as an external Think-Tank for the companies and their managers.

From my helicopter view and with my experience I work as co-thinker, initiator and thoughts generator.

Think Tank is a method to support and relief the executive management in the strategic process.

It is a matter of objective considerations and think-big-scenarios, where the economic changes and business challenges encounter.

In my workshops you will have the opportunity to think aloud, to see your situation from a different perspective and to move freely from theory to practical solutions.

We achieve jointly conceptual solutions that give your business a clear, compelling and advanced alignment.


"Man has three ways to act wisely, by reflection
 is the noblest, by imitation is the simplest
and through experience is the bitterest."



Think Tank

Let me think with and for you