"If multi-cultural management is
 to become reality as soon as possible,
then management skills with all diversity
in business must become a central
component of management education ."

Stewart Clegg


Think Big -
Think in large dimensions and tracks

  DMGQ Think Big

In times of globalization. every manager is well advised to befriend himself with this global phenomenon and try seriously to understand its mechanism. Globalization has already a large und multifaceted impact on our competitive situation, our working places and even our own future development.

The facets could be numerous, such as:

1. A competitor from abroad comes with new or better and cheaper products to dispute your current lucrative market shares.

2. A foreign investor buys your business and decides on the new vision and establish a new strategy, on how the business should be reorganized. It is important that you position yourself properly within this new environment and to avoid not to be forced out of the organization.

3. You may get a new foreign supervisor who manages the affairs of the business in your company and you have to report to him. It makes it compulsory that you have to deal with his personality, his culture, his thinking, his language and his way of managing.



The products of your company should be introduced into new markets, which are yet unknown to you. A constructive analysis of the local conditions of this new market is essential in order to take the right and necessary measures.

5. Upscale and communication-capable language skills in spoken and written are a must for you, because you need to represent your company outside your current local borders.


"Think Big" can be an essential part of the development of your career. You can orient yourself within this globalized business world with by acquiring new understanding of the corresponding management skills.

Thinking intensely at the competing economic power centers of the world such as the USA, Europe, Japan and the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and their grown potential.

My coaching will help you with specific tailor-made development programs to advance your personality and your managerial soft skills.