"Our potential to produce great ideas
is inexhaustible. But only by systematics
and discipline we are able to bring
the started projects professionally and successfully to the end.
It is basically the issue of how to prudently achieve the budgeted results."

Mohamed Ghoniem


Success by systematics and disciplline



A successful organization needs employees with the right mindset that is based and focused on logic, systematics and discipline.

Only then can the long way from the idea to the desired implementation be transparently carried out, controlled, revised and completed successfully.

DMGQ-Coaching with it all its different subjects can help you to make and internalize these principles of systematics and discipline as a management tool in your organization.
This coaching should be extended over different departments to ensure the same way of managing the business processes.


Nowadays the media are informing about many major projects that have been costly performed and brought only with great distress and problems to an end. The end result can only be achieved through a considerable financial losses and with
a large time delay.

You need in this context to retrieve only the names of some
major German projects in memory, such as Stuttgart 21, BER Berlin Airport or the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg. This set of problems can also be found in many small, middle and large companies, also in other countries.