"One needs not to have more ideas
than other people, but must have also the ability to decide which of these ideas are good."

Linus Pauling

Be creative, but please with result



DMGQ-Coaching helps you to manage your creativity process and to support you to enforce creativity against the resistance within your environment. Creativity will be able to run wild.


Your employer is paying you to seek and implement creative solutions for products and services in your company. He is your investor in you and in your working place. He has every right to get an adequate return for his investment. This is an undisputed fact.

Your creative solutions and innovative way in which you implement these solutions in the enterprise are critical to the successful competition on the market place.

Your investor is interested in your success and in that of every expert in the company to keep up to the global competition with other companies locally and internationally.

He continuously calls for new and concrete solutions that advance the company.

Creativity is by no means a chaotic mental state or just waiting for inspiration.

Creativity is the "smoking of the intelligent minds", which must necessarily be reflected in measurable success.
The bar is the profit for the investor.

Creativity will ensure continuity as well as the further development of business processes, products, qualities, locations and the company's results. Creativity also ensures customer loyalty and most of all the preservation of your workplace.