"Had one in the creation of the world
set up an advisory commission, then they would
still not ready until today."

George Bernard Shaw


Time warning.  It's always 5 minutes to 12.


The sense of urgency is an inherent dogma and is the driving force for each one with the aim to do everything quickly and efficiently. I call this professionalism.

DMGQ coaching uses this sense as a model for all workshops with you.

My goal will be that you achieve useful and practical results from each workshop, which you can immediately implement into your management processes. This result will be your personal sense of achievement.


Although time is the most valuable asset in life and always is in a short supply, it is continuously and thoughtlessly wasted in large quantities.

This time waste happens most often in the meetings. Sometimes one might get the impression that the participants have come to rest from their jobs in the meeting room.

From the long agenda only at most tow points have been processed. The rest is postponed carelessly and unconcerned to the next meeting at the earliest in one week.
Does this sound familiar to you?

There are many arguments which we will deal with extensively in the issue of  time management. But the basic problem is the lack of a  "Sense of Urgency".

The none-existence of this sense by a lot of people is of a home-made problem that repels the whole organization into the abyss of inefficiency.