Ghoniem DMGQ Leadership Coaching Theme stop Waste


"Problems can not be solved
with the same mindset,
which has caused them"

Albert Einstein




Caution. It hits your assets


The Nobel laureate for economics of the year 2006, Prof. Edmund Phelps, defines the matter with the following wording: "the following factors are important to lead to more dynamic and prosperity: entrepreneurship, innovation, acceptance of change and embrace the new“.

If your employees meet these requirements, then you are on the winning road. Nevertheless, you must not lose sight of the staff attitude and the personal interests of employees. You as a business owner have a responsibility that your employees think and act dynamically. 

DMGQ coaching can help your employees to better understand your company's philosophy and goals and strengthen their commitment to that.


Raw materials must be expensively purchased to achieve a certain profit after their refinement or further processing.

The foundation of success is in the proper handling of the raw materials and resources.

Building a lean and flexible production (known in the management literature as lean production) is only a small part of the success formula. Through lean production only one of many necessary and prerequisites for success is created. 

The most important thing is to focus on the needs of the markets with the help of qualitative and strategic products and also with the help of  qualified staff.

To fully satisfy these market needs, the corporate governance requires the correct dynamics of their employees. Without these dynamics, they can not make full use of their company's potential.