"A free-thinking human remains
not standing there, where the sheer
coincidence have pushed him."

Heinrich von Kleist


You are stuck in the maze!



This creates fear and this fear leads to an oppressive situation of ossification. Helplessness and irrationality can here win the upper hand.

The solution: You need to reclaim your emotional energy in order to identify problems and find the creative solutions for it.

DMGQ-caching helps you to recover your lost energy to constructively reassess the current situation. So you will also find the latest facts and the necessary foundations for the right decision. 

DMGQ helps you come out out of the maze without fear on the safe way.

In many cases, you will notice that you are already standing in the maze of opportunities and risks. 

You find it difficult to make the decision to move on. Worse, the fact that the withdrawal out of the labyrinth is hard or sometimes is hardly feasible.

You are also aware that the labyrinth has its insidiousness, in both ways to move forward as well as backward.

In real life (personal and professional) deviations on the way to the targeted goal could lead to a dead end as well as to the complete loss of orientation.


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