"Success is that you just have
the right skills at the moment
they are needed."

Henry Ford



Switch to the mode of full potential


You can get rid of this problem and continue your career even further, if you switch to the mode of full potential.

DMGQ-coaching shows you many paths and ways you can enter this mode while nevertheless you remain physically and mentally healthy.


You have read elsewhere on this website about the two main factors that are driving the current business forwards, namely complexity and speed.

In order to operate successfully and achieve the planned results, you will need to switch on to the mode of full potential.

The staff vacancy in the skilled jobs is unlikely to improve in the long term, because the need is concentrated on highly qualified people.

This has, inter alia, the following reasons: the automation of business processes in the office, production halls and by thinning of the working teams. All are measures serving cost reduction.