"The shortest words namely
"Yes" und "No"
require the most contemplation."

Pythagoras von Samos


Each project has its own labyrinth



DMGQ coaching helps you to master these tests from a neutral point of view, in order to minimize your risks, so that you can decide in your project for the best possible option.

Before any serious decision, you should gather all the facts, risks and factors and analyze comprehensively the possible consequences from the "best case" scenario up to the "worst case" scenario.

In this decision-finding process you are entering a non-transparent maze with unpredictable ways that could lead either to success or one of several dead ends.

Here you can't allow any incalculable risks to occur, without having first carried out the necessary checks.
Because during your presence within the maze you must answer the question about your next step only with a simple "yes" or "no".