"One does not discover
new continents, without
having the courage to
lose sight of old coasts."

André Gide



Your coach is your guide



When hiking in a snowy and confusing landscape people need the help of a professional and experienced mountain guide
to lead them, who is well familiar with the prevailing conditions
and risks of this landscape.

Such as you do find the way when climbing a hill and down-climbing a snowy mountain with the help of your guide, so
be sure that my management training will professionally and successfully guide you in your career to achieve your goals.


With the help of the experience gained over more then two decades in consulting and career development, DMGQ can quickly provide you good results and give you a big jump in your personal development.

In the process of DMGQ-coaching  I serve you as a sparring partner. We agree about the content of the coaching issues. I am listening to you, give you advice and also sometimes contra and show you alternatives.

This coaching is an effective and tailored support for
senior management und managers or other staff, who work in a challenging management environment.