"If you want to help me to allay
my hunger so don't give me a fish to eat.
But rather teach me to fish
on my own, self-reliant and independently."

Ancient Asian Wisdom



Begin to fish on your own,

to become self-reliant and independent


This Asian saying is an expression of the desire for freedom and independence. It is of great importance that we must and can act always independently.

To achieve independence, the necessary skills must be present. You have properly and successfully to plan, act, make decisions and achieve a constructive outcome.

In the DMGQ-Logo you can read the addendum: „Competence for Successful Business“. No business can be successful, if no skills are behind.

No matter what your goal is, you need the necessary skills, otherwise your success is denied.


The fisherman on the image combines two interesting aspects: on the one hand, he dominates the fishing process and therefore he is independent. He is used to be alone and to go out on the lake by himself, whenever he wants. On the other hand, he must be constantly alert for the changing weather conditions.

Yet the sea is calm and there is no swell, but if a storm was to raise, he must recognize this in time to bring himself and his equipment to safety.

This fisherman had a coach who gave him a sensitive perception for his environment and taught him professional fishing.

For gaining of new and additional management skills in your professional profile I am your partner.